Types of Services & Engagement:

Identification of opportunities for making a transition towards sustainable production and consumption of feed, food, materials, energy, water etc.

Storytelling best and next practices in sustainable socioeconomic development.

Mobilising and facilitating regional and national change processes towards sustainability.

Support to international and inter-regional efforts to network excellence and build capacity in sustainable business practices and socioeconomic development.

Selected assignments:

2017 Researcher and author of paper “Bioeconomy and circular economy in regions and countries in the Baltic Sea Region”.  Associated to this organisational support of seminar-combined-study trip to best-in-class Industrial Symbiosis efforts in Kalundborg (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden). On assignment of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

2014 - 2017 Adviser to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ (NCM) flagship initiative to realize a bioeconomy for the Baltic Sea Region, i.e. a socio-economic sustainable economy that builds on a circular thinking and a transition away from a fossil fuels. The assignment includes analysis/mapping, facilitation of cooperation, and initiation of a number of on-ground actions. The NCM initiative is part of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

2013 Appointed member of “The Climate Innovation Centre Panel of Experts” – a funding initiative by The Innovation Hub (South Africa) aiming to support green economy innovation and development.

2013 Proposal writer for the Baltic Development Forum on a EU project aiming to establish amongst others a Baltic Sea Region Urban Forum for Smart Cities. The proposal was subsequently awarded.

2013 Project development for the Nordic Council of Ministers’ efforts to build knowledge on culture as a driver for sustainable development – and through showcasing and demonstration encourage multiplication of best and next practices for culture and sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region.

Adviser to Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster in its effort to investigate/develop cooperation opportunities with the Green Cape Initiative in South Africa. The two cluster organisations decided as a result to partner for cooperation within the International Cleantech Network.

2012 Project lead on Nordic Council of Ministers project aiming to showcase best practices for how culture drives sustainable development through urban development, creative industries and social innovation.

2011 Project developer for the Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in St. Petersburg on the development of the Nordic-Russian Green Growth Arena. The project was subsequently approved for funding and commenced in 2012.

2011 Organisational and facilitating support in connection to the conference "Green Growth in the Baltic Sea Sea" in Riga (Latvia) on 5-6 May 2011. The conference was organized in cooperation with the European Commission, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Baltic Development Forum.

2011 Proposal writer for the Baltic Development Forum on a EU project on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions in the Baltic Sea Region. The proposal is subsequently awarded.

2010 - 2011 Analyst/researcher on project by Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Kaliningrad (Russia). The project aimed to identify market mechanisms with potential to accelerate significantly energy efficiency investments in Russia. Large scale roll-out of Energy Performance Contracting schemes was a particular area of exploration.

2010 Analyst/researcher on project by Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Kaliningrad (Russia). The project aims to assess the Kaliningrad region’s investment climate for energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions – and identify opportunities for Nordic companies and partners.

2010 Analyst/researcher to Nordic Council of Ministers on further cooperation opportunities within fishery, agriculture, food and forestry in the Baltic Sea Region.

2009 - 2010 Facilitator/coordinator of the African European Climate Innovation Initiative. AECII was an initiative to support private and public partners in African and Europe in developing and deploying climate innovations that accelerate climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, poverty alleviation and private sector growth. Funding partners included WWF and Sida.

2009 Lead analyst on WWF-Sida project "Accelerating climate innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa”. An assessment demonstrated that Ghana and Tanzania face unique challenges in mitigating and adapting to climate change. It also demonstrated that confronting these challenges revealed a number of new unique opportunities for addressing poverty alleviation – in particular by promoting climate innovation and entrepreneurship activities.

2008 Seminar organisation and facilitation of “European-African Climate Innovation Symposium” in Karlshamn (Sweden) on 15-16 December 2008. The Symposium was hosted by Blekinge Institute of Technology with support from Sida, WWF Sweden, Globe Forum, Netport and the Pan African Competitiveness Forum (PACF). The symposium identified a number of opportunities for realizing new growth and development opportunities, both in Europe and in Africa while at the same time mitigate climate change.

2008 Facilitator. Planning and organization of conference session on Climate Innovation and Competitiveness at the 11th Annual Conference of The Competitiveness Institute, Cape Town, South Africa, 28-30 October 2008.

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