Types of Services & Engagement:

Identification of industrial, regional and national innovation opportunities.

Tailored recommendations for policy and collaborative action.

Facilitation of stakeholder cooperation and action plan implementation support.

Support to international and inter-regional efforts to network business clusters, innovation hubs and similar for purposes of innovation and business cooperation.

Selected assignments

2017 Mapping opportunities for networking test and demonstration infrastructures available to SMEs in the bioeconomy and digital economy in the Baltic Sea Region – and exploration of opportunities to benefit more from national and regional complementarities in testbed excellence. Funded by the project “BSR STARS S3” aiming to enhance Smart Specialisation in the bio-, circular and digital economy in the Baltic Sea Region.

2017 Author of article exploring the opportunity for the Baltic Sea Region to position itself as a world-class digital hub. On assignment of the Baltic Development Forum.

2017 Researcher and author of paper “Bioeconomy and circular economy in regions and countries in the Baltic Sea Region”. Associated to this organisational support of seminar-combined-study trip to best-in-class Industrial Symbiosis efforts in Kalundborg (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden). On assignment of the Nordic Council of Ministers

2017 Moderator of conference main session “Looking towards 2030: Preparing the Baltic Sea Region for the Future” at the 8th Annual Forum of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in Berlin on 13-14 June 2017. On assignment for the Baltic Development Forum and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

2016 Moderator and facilitator at seminar Energy Dialogue: Financing Energy Efficiency in Stockholm 29 September 2017. On assignment for the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) and the Baltic Development Forum.

2016 Adviser to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ General Secretary’s Office on policy issues related to realising synergies from Nordic and European intergovernmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.

2015 Adviser to the Embassy of Sweden in South Africa exploring opportunities for connecting cluster organisations and innovation hubs in the green economy, ICT and creative industries for purposes of accelerating innovation and SMEs participation in international trade.

2015 Expert to the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) and the National Treasury of South Africa on cluster development as driver for regional economic development. Seminar and training activities.

2015 Adviser to Business Link Greater Copenhagen on the capital region’s future engagement in European Union funded business and innovation cooperation programmes in the Baltic Sea Region.

2014 Adviser to Business Link Greater Copenhagen and the Baltic Sea Cluster Development Centre on creative industries and cleantech cluster-to-cluster cooperation with the Western Cape Province, South Africa.

2014 Adviser and organisational support in connection to the seminar “Get creative – go Baltic” on culture and creative industries as driver for innovation, growth and job creation. For the European Commission, the Informal Baltic Sea Group and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

2014 Moderator at “Roundtable on Cluster Development” organised by the Embassy of Sweden in South Africa. Decision makers and practitioners from Sweden and South Africa discussed cluster development as driver for regional growth, development and trade.

2013 Appointed member of “The Climate Innovation Centre Panel of Experts” – an initiative by The Innovation Hub (South Africa) aiming to support green economy innovation and development in South Africa.

2013 Proposal writer for the Baltic Development Forum on a EU project aiming to establish a Baltic Sea Region Urban Forum for Smart Cities. The proposal was subsequently awarded.

2012 - 2013 Project lead on Nordic Council of Ministers project aiming to showcase best practices for how culture drives sustainable development through urban development, creative industries and social innovation.

2012 Facilitator, researcher and trainer on phase 2 of cluster development project by the Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office in Kaliningrad, Russia. In this phase the project further supported cluster initiatives in Kaliningrad, including by targeting cluster-to-cluster and business-to-business co-operation between tourism, furniture and IT clusters in Kaliningrad and similar such cluster in the Nordic countries. Also efforts targeted development of cluster management capacity through training activities.

2011 In partnership with Lamont Street Advisers training on cluster development and cluster management of 15 cluster development practitioners in Nis, Serbia. On assignment of LEDIB (The Local Economic Development in the Balkans), funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2010 Lead analyst on cluster mapping in Ghana (under MOTI and World Bank MSME project). The project mapped existing and emerging clusters and identified a number of opportunities for enhancing innovation and competitiveness of enterprises operating in clusters.

2010 Lead analyst on WWF-Sida project "Accelerating climate innovation and entrepreneurship in Kenya". The project studied the prevailing framework conditions for enhancing national climate innovation systems in Kenya. Also the assessment proposed preferred systems for technology transfer to enable Kenyan climate innovation entrepreneurs to develop and grow.

2009 - 2010 Adviser/facilitator in connection to the organization of the 2nd Pan-African Competitiveness Forum, 15-17 February 2010 in Elmina, Ghana. PACF is a continent wide learning platform and centre of thought on innovation and cluster-competitiveness in Africa. PACF was launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in April 2008.

2009 Moderator of conference by The Competitiveness Institute "3rd International Rural Clusters Conference", Denmark 1-2 September 2009.

2008 Coordinator and facilitator of PACF Council Meeting in Maputo, Mozambique, 28-29 August 2008. 40 stakeholders from business, knowledge institutions and governments in 10 African countries participated at the Forum.

2008 Advisor, trainer and facilitator to the Kumasi Wood Cluster Initiative (KWCI). On assignment for SPEED Ghana (Danida/GTZ) and Wood Industries Training Centre (Forestry Commission of Ghana). The initiative aimed to position Kumasi as competitive hub within Ghana and West Africa for sustainable production of high quality and high value wood products.

2008 Coordinator and facilitator of the 1st Pan African Competitiveness Forum in Addis Ababa 14-16 April 2008. Host organizations were Sida, African Union Commission and The Competitiveness Institute. 150 stakeholders from business, knowledge institutions and governments in more than 30 countries participated at the Forum. 

2008 Facilitator at symposium on Nordic-African Innovation Competitiveness hosted by VINNOVA, Sweden, on 23-24 January 2008. The symposium brought together 20 leading stakeholders from national innovation agencies and development agencies in Nordic and African countries. 

2007 Coordinator of Innovation and Competitiveness Symposium in Cape Town 17-18 September. The symposium was organised by The Competitiveness Institute (TCI), the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), The Swedish Trade Council and the Department of Economic Development, Western Cape Government (South Africa). 

2007 Facilitator. Development and initial launch of the Pan-African Competitiveness Forum (PACF) as a continent wide learning platform and centre of thought on innovation and cluster-competitiveness in Africa. On assignment of the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).

2007 Facilitator/adviser. Development of implementation framework for cluster-competitiveness initiatives in Garment (Accra), Wood Products (Kumasi) and Natural Plant Products (Ho). For SPEED Ghana (GTZ and Danida). 

2007 Analyst. Feasibility study "Promotion of competitiveness and innovation through cluster initiatives" in collaboration with The Danida Centre, University of Ghana Business School. The study was sponsored by SPEED Ghana (GTZ/Danida). 

2006 Analyst. Review on 10 years of cluster and cluster-like initiatives in Ghana; experiences and lessons learned. The paper was prepared for the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) as input to "The Programme on Sustainable Economic Development". 

2006 Analyst. Review "Cluster Initiatives in the Southern Hemisphere". The study included experiences and lessons learned from cluster initiatives in Chile, Australia and South Africa. The paper was prepared as input to The Northern Dimension Working Group on Cluster Development Policies of The Nordic Council of Ministers.

2006 Analyst. Ghana country review on Global Value Chains (GVC). The review included an assessment of how the GVC-approach was – and was not – being applied for private sector policy and incentive development. The review included also recommendation to design of future GVC policies and support approaches. 

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